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Life has a very simple purpose; it is to give purpose to life. We can achieve that purpose by living a life that does give our lives a purpose. However, every one of us is always born with a clear purpose. At the end, the real purpose of all life is to keep up of the flickering and so easily extinguished flame of life.
Life really does not need other justification or other purpose than the wonderful and unbelievably complicated and diverse wonder of life itself.

However, evolution has molded us humans to be a bunch of purpose-seeking animals. Most humans just are so much happier when they think that they have some kind of personally felt and preferably a concrete 'purpose'
The basic purpose of life as a goal in itself does admittedly easily feel insufficient. This is more so if one is told time after time by others that it just cannot be enough.

One of reasons for this is the way how strong ideologies like religions or nationalism use the inherent human tendency to seek for a purpose to their own great advantage. A very strong feeling of purpose is just so very easily found from a strong ideology like a religion, nationalism, communism or even feminism or veganism.
Of course, there is nothing wrong in this seeking for a strong feeling of personal purpose as such. Unfortunately, all too many of those who accept these strong ideologies will end up thinking that the one of the purposes of their life is to force also other people think and do just as they.

Sadly, very many of the strongest ideologies just are built that way. This tendency to force these ideas on others is, of course, as such a very important key to the very survival and spread of most of these ideologies.
If one is not willing to accept such a ready-made purpose, things often do became much more complicated. However, a goal coup be examining different ideas and finding just the right a combination and mixture of right purposes to guide your own life.

This mixture of ideas can in the end can give a stronger sense of purpose to your life than just following a single strong ideology will. One just needs the will and sometimes also the courage to explore the wonderful and unbelievably varied world of human ideas to find the bits and pieces that will fit the best just one's own capabilities and needs.

(This piece was completely refurbished on 13th of January, 2013)